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Empress RebornCh. 1- Betrayal

By: Victoria Wong

My name is Arvellia, 4th Princess to the throne of our kingdom, Kimishida. And I have a little sister, Kameria. I love my little sister so much! She's fun, sweet, bubbly, and the best sibling anyone could ask for, that's what I thought before what happened today.

“Dinner time ladies!” called Raya, our head maid from down the stairs. “Race ya!” Called out Kameria from her room. And down the stairs we went, just like normal. We would race, eat our veggies as fast as we could, go to my room and do each other's hair, and then go to sleep. Nothing new. But this time there were no vegetables for us to eat. YES! The cook took my advice to not cook any vegetables today, but I did have to clean the kitchen in return.

Soon we sat down to eat, good so far. “AHHH-”. I looked up to Kameria holding the bottom of her chin, blood came running down her mouth and her eyes looked as if they were frozen open. I rushed to her side as she wobbled and fell onto the floor. “SOMEONE- GET THE MEDICS! AND THAT IS AN ORDER!” I had never screamed so loud before. I still to this day don’t know why I was so worried about a backstabber like her.

The medics came and as Kameria was being carried out the servants and my parents were talking about who did this. I overheard one of the maids talking “Well, Arvellia has been spending a lot of time with the young princess and ‘helped’ clean out the kitchen! What if she poisoned Miss Kameria?!” there were murmurs of assent. How could they?! I was a princess too!

The medics came back and said that her blood was being infected by some type of poison. Once I heard this I ran straight to my room.

I waited in my room for 3 hours until I heard a knock at my door and a voice rang out, “Arvellia, you will now be executed for poisoning a princess.”. “How?!… I never did anything-“I protested. Then Kameria came. “KAMERIA- please, tell them I didn’t do anything wrong!’. She just stared at me and said, “I will not talk to a wanna-be psycho like you, and I don't EVER want to see you again. But… I will make an exception and see you at your execution.”. Her words hurt harder than anything in the world, and it impacted a lot of who I am now.

Then she and the random man walked away. She gave me one last look and then smiled a mean, smug smile. Then turned it into tears and yelled “How could you! I thought I trusted you as a sister- I looked up to you!” honestly though, anyone could see through her lies but no one dared to.

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