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Emotional Damage

By: Jay Yi

When Steven He started making Asian comedy videos, he wasn’t that popular, and he didn’t intend to make money on YouTube. His goal was to become a more famous actor, and YouTube worked. He only became popular in 2020, but now, with more than 5.5 million subscribers on his channel, Steven He, and one of his videos with 19 million views, he is popular. Other YouTubers like him have also popped up, including Uncle Roger, TwoSetViolin, Nathan Doan Comedy, Joma Tech, and many more. These YouTubers all produce Asian comedy. But are the jokes they make about parents true? Not really.

First, we start with the most famous, Emotional Damage. The phrase describes when something depressing has happened. Steven’s videos typically take place when an Asian son forgets to do something. In my opinion, most parents probably don’t know what emotional damage is and therefore won’t say it. Though it does correctly describe the feeling when your parents catch you doing something you shouldn’t or not doing something you should.

Emotional Damage was first introduced in a video when Asian Dad gets insulted by Auntie.

Then, the fact that Asian parents want you to work for 40 hours a day and become a doctor is also seen as Asian stereotype. This character was created by TwoSetViolin and is sometimes called Ling Ling. The 40 hours a day is partially true; obviously, you can’t work 40 hours a day, but sometimes parents want you to practice something for a long time. As for being a doctor, that is completely wrong. Some parents might want their children to be a doctor, but every parent wanting their children to be doctors is unlikely.

Finally, the concept of being a failure and getting spanked is often associated with Asian parents. Getting hit might happen with some parents, but being called a failure is probably not going to happen. Though at times your parents might be disappointed, they are probably not going to disown you.

In conclusion, though many Asian stereotypes are funny, such as emotional damage, they are mostly not true. They are mostly used just for comedic purposes.

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