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Emojis Aren’t Popular Anymore

By: Emma Xing

Emojis are commonly used during texting, aren’t they? Not anymore! Study shows that people are now using abbreviations instead of those fun and silly faces.

Even though some abbreviations have been around the same amount of time ass emojis, they’re being used more, for example OMG (Oh my god), BRB (Be right back), and LOL (Laugh out Loud). But recently, teenagers have embraced new abbreviations to shorten up the typing. Words like, of course, goodnight, to be honest, are now written as OFC, GN, and TBH.

Even clinical director of lifelong literacy Lyn Stone agreed that the massive shift from emojis to abbreviations not only just makes texting faster but it also shows more emotion when typing, especially when using the uppercase letters.

Ms. Stone explains emojis have been expanded slightly to replace words, which is handy when you have character limits. But either way, they’re fairly one-dimensional and constrained. For example, if you used the sad emoji, your friends can’t tell what aspect you’re sad on.

And for Zac Nowytarger, a 12 year old boy, he says his friends and him have ditched emojis, and decides it’s time to only use abbreviations.

He says emojis have gotten older and abbreviations show more emotion because you can choose to capitalize or not , so what’s the point of using them anymore?

Are you using emojis or using abbreviations?

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