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Emmy Awards To Be Held Outdoors Due To COVID-19 Concerns

By Emily Gu

The Emmy Awards ceremony will be taking place outdoors, in order for it to be more safe, and for the people to have less chance of getting Corona.

The ceremony, happening in downtown Los Angeles on September 19, was originally indoors. It was changed on Tuesday. The outdoor space is large and has a tent over it. Less nominees will be able to come, since the limits were changed.

Last month in Los Angeles, they had to reinforce the rule of wearing a mask in indoor public settings and in businesses to decrease the amount of cases they had.

The Emmy Awards ceremony in 2020 took place in an empty studio with nominees joining online from their homes and their gardens.

Concerns over the delta variants caused Stevie Nicks, 73, to cancel 5 concerts that were planned for this year. Despite the fact that she’s vaccinated, she is still taking precautions, according to a tweet she wrote.

The New Orleans Jazz Festival had also been cancelled on monday for the same reasons as the Emmy Awards ceremony.

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/emmy-awards-outdoors-covid-1.6137377

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