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Emma Watson's floating dress has confounded the internet

By: Ella Chen

You might know Emma Watson from all of the Harry Potter movies, Beauty and the Beast, Little Women, and more than 15 other movies. Emma Watson and her brother Alexander Watson recently created a company called Renais, through which they sell gin.

Emma describes the project by noting, “Alex is the expert on gin, and dad is the expert on wine, but it’s nice to be asked to be involved. […] I couldn’t bear to let someone else do it because it’s our family, our history. We must sell a product, but I think it would have hurt my soul if it had been done in a way that didn’t feel personal” (The Dieline, 2023).

In order to promote Renais at the ____insert event___, Emma wore a light blue frock that is suspended in the air at three rough tips near her neckline. She posted a picture of her wearing it on social media and since then, many people have been commenting. Some fans are making ‘levitating’ potter jokes; for example, “What in the wingardium leviosa is that dress.”

People would ask her why she is not acting for a bit and she once admitted, “I wasn’t very happy, if I’m being honest,” she said. “I felt a bit caged. The thing I found hard was that I had to go out and sell something that I really didn’t have very much control over.” Emma also added that she would try to act again and is ready to create another movie next year.

And as for the dress, there are hints that it might just be wire supports that levitate the draped cloth for Emma. But who knows?

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