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Emma Watson’s Dress Defies Scientific Principles!

By: Yiran Liu

Emma Watson, the actress who played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, was modeling a blue dress in a recent Instagram post. The dress was magically suspended in the air, seemingly without straps. The dress appears to not follow the rules of gravity at three distinct points in the neckline. This has surprised many people, leaving them confused about how this dress could work. A lot of people commented on jokes related to the Harry Potter movies because of her role as Hermione.

“What in the wingardium leviosa is that dress,” one person exclaimed when referencing the levitation spell Hermione uses to make a feather float in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Another person said, “Someone makes the dress make sense pls.” “This dress is defying physics,” another commenter wrote. “After reading through the comments I feel less bad about how long I had to stare at her dress to figure out what was happening,” one person commented.

These people are clueless about how Emma Watson is wearing this dress. Many have offered theories about what may be happening but none have an answer to this mystery.

No one understands how the dress can stay on. The Spanish fashion house, Loewe’s, designed this dress uniquely as a part of their spring and summer women’s collection. The creator made features like draped fabric and structured wiring underneath the bodice. This allows it to have these floating characteristics that have amazed Watson’s Instagram followers.

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