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Emerging ManhattAnts Invading homes in N.Y.C.

By: Alina Fang

In 2011, a European Ant species named Lasius emarginatus or ManhattAnt has suddenly appeared in countless households, causing a traumatic experience for New York residents.

ManhattAnts are quite different from their cousins. They don’t seek the usual human leftover foods, but instead feast on other insects.

ManhattAnts do not just appear on lower-level households, but also dominate buildings as high as 17 levels. They are also often seen in elevator ceilings.

According to the New York Times, scientists concluded that ManhattAnts’ natural instincts urge them to scale high buildings, however, these scientists have yet to confirm how and why ManhattAnts climb these buildings.

One theory is that ManhattAnt “nest in grounds”, and climb buildings to look for water. The good news is that ManhattAnts are not invincible, and are killable with the average ant bait.

However, Jerry Walsh of Mayday Hardware in Prospect Heights claimed that he did not recommend setting ant bait at home. This is because the bait may not kill the ant immediately, and the chemicals of the bait may spread onto utensils, dishes, and foods.

The author of the article in the New York Times concluded that “[a]t this point in the year, however, the ManhattAnt has calmed down. They are known to be busy foraging April through June, and less active in July.”

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