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Elon Musk Wanted to Buy Twitter?

By: Reese Yan

Did you know that Elon Musk was going to buy Twitter? If you don’t know already,, Elon Musk wanted to buy Twitter a few months ago, but the deal is collapsing. Elon Musk sells cars and is the world's wealthiest person, so buying Twitter shouldn’t be a problem. So why didn’t he buy Twitter?

At first, Elon Musk wanted to buy Twitter. However, many people told him, ''You're selling cars, so why are you buying Twitter?” He thought Twitter wasn't in good condition. Also, he has about 112 million fans on Twitter, so he believes if he buys Twitter, he can grow his influence and make Twitter better.

Secondly, when Elon Musk talked to Twitter officials, they said 5% of all accounts are spam accounts. On Thursday, Twitter said they removed around one million accounts like that every day. Despite that, Elon Musk continued asking for more data on spam accounts. However, Twitter chose not to share more information. "Sometimes Twitter has ignored Mr. Musk's requests, sometimes it has rejected them for reasons that appear to be unjustified, and sometimes it has claimed to comply while giving Mr. Musk incomplete or unusable information."

Lastly, buying Twitter would be a big responsibility because making cars and managing Twitter are two separate things. Twitter is a social media app and technology requires research and design.

Although Elon Musk is buying Twitter, it is still in progress, and hopefully, the negotiation will end peacefully.

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