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Eli Gardening

By: Eli Chen

Most Americans don’t pay attention to their lawns. It is important to have lawns with flowers.

This is very important to the ecosystem. It’s food for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and

many more. If you have a garden with herbs and vegetables, it may attract pollinators. This

makes your garden grow better plants. It will also make new seeds to plant.

In Florida and the western U.S., many people are facing drought or have less rain. In this case,

many families can’t spare any water for their lawns. If they don’t water their lawns, the grass will dry out and lose color.

Here are a few ideas to collect water in an eco-friendly way.

When it rains, put buckets outside and wait for the buckets to fill up with water. You can use this water for your lawns or gardens. When you wash fruits or vegetables with water, you can use the leftover water to water your lawn or garden in dry areas.

If you garden vegetables, you can use old fruit or vegetable scraps as fertilizer. This is more

efficient than spending your money on fertilizer when you can spend it on more important things.

If you ever see your vegetables getting eaten, it means they are all right for you to eat.

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