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Eleanor Patterson Wins the Women’s High Jump Gold with an Astounding Jump

By: Audrey Xie

Eleanor Patterson, Australia’s new world champion, is the first ever Australian to be awarded the women’s high jump gold at the World Athletics Championship with a jump of 2.02 meters.

“I’m actually, honestly in disbelief. It’s crazy to think, I’m going to be shaking my head in disbelief for the whole week, month, year, who knows?” Patterson stated.

“I didn’t make it easy for myself. The calibre of women I was up against was phenomenal and they were clearing everything first time, they were doing amazing things,” she continued.

Patterson nearly left early at the finals because of her two misses at 1.98 meters. However, she got back up on her feet in no time and cleared 2.00m on her second try before doing the main jump of 2.02m.

“I knew I could clear that height and to do that on the first attempt was amazing,” she said. “I’m overjoyed I could even clear that height. I knew it was within me but to bring it out tonight under such pressure, I’m just so proud of myself.”

One day, she quit the sport until Alex Stewart, one of Australia’s best high jump coaches, offered her an amazing chance to come back, which Patterson accepted and still does high jumping today.


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