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Eleanor Patterson Makes History By Getting Women's High Jump Gold

By: Victoria Wong

Eleanor Patterson is a 26 year old Australian who just made history. She very recently just made a 2.02m jump getting her first place at the World Athletics Championship. “I’m actually, honestly in disbelief,” expressed Eleanor, “It’s crazy to think, I’m going to be shaking my head in disbelief for the whole week, month, year, who knows?”

“There were a number of moments where I had to dig deep to remain alive and also secure a medal and then see if I could stay on top of the podium. And somehow I’ve been able to bring that to fruition.” said Patterson. Eleanor nearly got eliminated by missing two 1.98m jumps, but then finally making the last one.

She finished the 2.00m jump, and then finally was on the jump of her life, 2.02m. She jumped over and made it on her first try! Her opponent, Yaroslava Mahuchikh from Ukraine was not pleased at all, but did not make her jump on the 2.02m bar first try. Once both competitors didn’t make any of their 2.04m jumps, Eleanor Patterson won first place!


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