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During July 4th Weekend, Thousands of Flights are Cancelled

By: Andruw Lin

Travelers are returning to the airport in record pre-pandemic numbers, but thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed. The Transportation Security Administration screened 2,490,490 passengers at airport security checkpoints Friday, the most since February 2020. On the same day, 464 flights were canceled and 6,600 were delayed, about 30% of all the flights that day.

Both Saturday and Sunday have had many flights canceled just like Friday, and this weekend's flight cancellations and delays also follow those of Juneteenth and Father's Day weekend, which had the busiest air travel day before this past Friday.

A lot of the flights are canceled in the summer because of staffing and pilot shortages. Airline executives have blamed the lack of adequate staff at the Federal Aviation Administration for flight cancellations and delays. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tweeted Saturday that passengers can claim refunds for canceled flights, noting in a thread that his connecting flight was canceled Friday night and that he claimed a $112 refund.

A tweet by Buttigieg said that "Airlines offer miles as compensation for some travel issues, and you can often negotiate on this. That’s between you and the airline, but you are entitled to cash refunds for canceled flights — that’s a requirement that we will continue to enforce."

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