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By: Eli Chen

The Princess Leia gown was white with a single silver-plated belt. Star Wars is a very popular movie franchise. The Princess Leia dress is one of the rarest items from the show. It was put on auction for 2 million dollars. The bids were handed in by Wednesday. The dress's highest bid was less than 1 million dollars, the price was 975,000 dollars. Unfortunately, the dress was not sold.

When the dress first came out, the company that made the dress was on a budget of 11 million dollars. It was used for filming and photos. The dress was forgotten for 10 to 12 years. It was put in an attic in London, England. The dress took 8 months to make the dress pure and clean. This piece is for display collections and not for wearing, given the point it was put on a auction.

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