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Dover Port Has Seven Hour Traffic

By: Zhile Chen

To go to France from Dover Port this weekend, tourists have to go through traffic that can last up to seven hours.

The traffic jam that trapped thousands of people has been declared a major incident by the authorities in Kent.

Because of the long traffic hours, tourists are advised to come early to not be late to the ferry, and to bring food and water in case they get hungry or thirsty.

However, Dover authorities are working overtime to clear out the queues, and have let 72,000 people through security.

According to a statement by the port, "The backlog of tourist passengers that was generated on Friday has also now been cleared along with successfully getting Saturday's holidaymakers off on their way."

The UK and the port of Dover both feel that France is responsible for the queues, for not having enough border staff.

Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary in the UK, said, “We need action from France to build up capacity at the border to limit any further disruption for British tourists.”

Meanwhile, France blames the problem on Brexit, stating, “This is an aftermath of Brexit. We have to run more checks than before.” Brexit is the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. The UK and EU made a deal that made them share many laws on workers and social and environmental regulations so that when the UK and EU are trading, they won’t have to pay taxes. The UK can now create a trade policy of their own.

The withdrawal caused more paperwork. Businesses are making mistakes in the paperwork, which helped cause the delays at Dover.

Source: BBC Huge Queues at Dover for People Travelling to France, BBC Brexit: What You Need to Know about the UK Leaving the EU

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