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Donna Ferrato shows the lives of many women in a single image

By: Chloe Xiao

Donna Ferrato is well known for showing domestic violence on her camera, which is especially important after the reversal of Roe. v. Wade.

The women in Donna Ferrato’s photographs look weathered and tired, but undefeated. This photojournalist in this book decided to add photos of women in control of themselves. Some of the images depict the strength of the women or domestic abuse.

In one image, you can see a mother holding her jubilant child. This may not seem quite eye-catching until you realize that she is an amputee.

In Ferrato’s photo captions, you find out the mother had cancer in her arm while pregnant, with her doctor suggesting that she abort the baby so she could do chemotherapy. However, she decided that she would just cut her arm off and keep her child, telling to the doctor “Saw my arm off. I’m having this baby, and I’ll need at least a stump to hold my girl.”

In another image, a rich family in New Jersey was in their house. The wife and husband had entered the bathroom, when the husband realized he couldn’t find his cocaine stash and immediately hit his wife on the face. In the reflecting glass you can see Ferrato kneeling to take the image, documenting this attack, and, after the first strike, stopped him from doing more. Later on, his wife divorced him, became a single mother, and lived a successful life afterwards, teaching her children to be respectful members of society

The last image shows the rawest emotion and pain. A young boy is yelling at his restrained father. The boy had called 911 as his father was hitting father, yelling “I hate you for hitting my mother! Don’t come back to this house.” His father looks away from his son in shame, with his mother in the background staring forlornly at the ground. This shows the most emotion and how this little 8-year-old boy had stood up to his abusive father and helped out his mother.

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