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Donald Trump: President or Prisoner?

By: Jenny Liang

Former President Donald Trump continues his campaign for another term in the White House while facing legal trouble on multiple fronts. Trump plead not guilty to 37 federal felony counts related to his alleged mishandling of classified documents after leaving office.

This marks the first time federal charges have been brought against a former President. This indictment is the second criminal case filed against Trump, and it marks the latest legal challenge the former President is confronting amid his 2024 campaign for the White House. In early April, Trump surrendered to the officials in New York and appeared in state court to face 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. He pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Then, on May 9, Trump was found and brought by columnist E. Jean Carroll, who claimed Trump raped her in a department store fitting room in the 1990s and defamed her when she came forward several years ago. He also denied those allegations. The jury did not find that he raped Carroll, but did find that he sexually abused her and ordered him to pay her roughly $5 million. The bar for finding someone liable in a civil case is lower than the burden of proof required to secure a criminal conviction and does not count as a criminal record.

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