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Dolphin Mothers Use High Pitched Baby Voice

By: Jace Hill

On Monday there was a study that found that bottlenose dolphins change their pitch while talking to their babies. Researchers recorded 19 different mother dolphin whistles while they were next to their offspring. They use this to keep track of each other. They are basically calling to one another, telling them where to go and where they are. Biologist Peter Tyack says, ”That was true for every one of the moms in the study, all 19 of them.”

Although scientists aren't sure why dolphins, along with humans and other species, talk in a higher tone, they think they have the answer. Scientists think that we do this to illustrate to them novel sounds. Research from the 1980’s says that infants may listen better with a higher pitch.

The Los Angeles Times states that female rhesus monkeys use a different tone to attract their infants. Another reason for the high-pitched whistling is to catch the kids’ attention. Although this high-pitched whistling is for dolphins and their children, it is not only that species that uses it. Humans often do that to babies too, along with zebras, monkeys, and a lot more.


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