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Dogs at schools!

By: Claire the Bear Chen

Have you ever wondered that having a furry pet in the classroom actually improves learning? A study in the U.K shows that puppies give children a small stress-free time needed .”Doggie Dates” help kids with special needs. Stress affects learning habits, health, and creates a bad temper. This made schools try numerous things to ease student’s stress, such as meditation, more P.E, and animals in class. Researchers at the University of Lincoln by testing hormone cortisol from students' saliva. They studied 105 students, most 8-9 year-olds and 44 special needs kids. They were divided into three groups, one with dogs for 20 minutes, one with meditation for 20 minutes, and one with no break called a control group. Students in a dog group have 20 minutes with a trainer and handler twice a week. The rest of the groups spent the same amount of time doing their tasks. The researchers described the dog groups' saliva “significantly lower '' in cortisol levels while the relaxation and control groups increased.

Dogs are best at handling stress that's for sure.

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