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Dodgers’ Pride Night

By: Yiling Sun

Sister Unity and Sister Dominia are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters have helped the community of Los Angelos a lot and earned their rewards at the LA Dodgers stadium.

“The stands were more empty than filled, but the mood was warm and happy,” Sister Unity said after their rewarding ceremony. “There are a couple of thousand people protesting, there are over a million people in my community in L.A. County. Whatever happens to me, I have to be there for them. This moment was given to us, it was a moral imperative for me to rise to that occasion on behalf of the people who believe in us.”

The Sisters’ mission is to spread hope and love throughout the community by encouraging unmotivated people and spreading kindness. Even though they wear silly costumes, they are still respected by many people.

The Dodgers had disinvited them, pushed by the public. Five days later, the Sisters were invited back. The Dodgers realized that it was the right thing to do.

Fr. Chris Ponnet, a spiritual director for the Los Angeles Archdiocese’s Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons, supports the Sisters.

“Some people are judging from what’s on their website, which is, at times, very disturbing and insulting to anyone who is seriously a religiously vowed person,” Ponnet said. “On the other side, they have also been historically a group that has worked with the sick and the dying beginning with the HIV and AIDS pandemic.”

The Sisters have strengthened the community a lot over time. Spreading hope and love is helpful to many people. Some people protest, but they don’t back down. They are persistent, and nothing can stop them.

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