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Documenta faces major challenges after displaying an anti-semantic piece

By: Brad Chen

After increasing public outrage surrounding Documenta 15, its director, Sabine Schormann, has resigned last Saturday.

This comes after Documenta displayed a massive art piece containing anti-semitism. They later took it down. Documenta is one of the biggest art shows in the world, and so for them to do something like this has made people lose trust in them.

Documenta later acknowledged their mistake, stating, “A lot of trust has unfortunately been lost,” and also states that its “Board considers it essential that everything is done to regain this trust.”

One of the most renowned artists in Documenta, Hito Steyerl, announced that she wasn’t going to participate in Documenta again. She states, “I have no faith in the organisation’s ability to mediate and translate complexity.”

Even after several major blows to the Documenta art show, the saga seems to be far from over, and there are still probably more resignations and further repercussions.

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