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Documenta chief resigns during an antisemitic scandal

By: Bryan Li

The ongoing Documenta scandal has led its director, Sabine Schormann, to resign. Documenta, a German art exhibition that is held in Kassel, Germany every five years, is now trying to find a new director.

Schormann announced she would be leaving after an artwork depicting antisemitic works was put up in the exhibition. The board has said the exhibition has led to a “loss of trust.”

A protest group has blamed ruangrupa, a collective of Indonesian art, for the piece as well as others who supported actions against Israel in January.

One artist installed a work with a Jewish caricature wearing a Nazi hat. The banner also depicted a figure with a pig’s head that wore a Star of David scarf. The artist, Taring Padi, and the Indonesian collective both apologized after the banner was taken away.

Germany’s culture minister, Claudia Roth, criticized Documenta for allowing such to take place. She stated that “fundamental structural reform” will be needed by Documenta if the government were to continue funding it.

The former head, Ms. Schormann, did not blame the incidence on herself and said she was “not responsible.”

Meron Mendel, the head of the Anne Frank Education Center, said he wasn’t even “sent half an artwork to see.” Mendel had to call the artists one by one to discuss their pieces before the exhibition.

The people of Germany are depending on Documenta to change this and hope it doesn’t damage their reputation.

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