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Doctors to be tried for Diego Maradona death

By: Chloe Xiao

In November 2020, Diego Maradona died a preventable death while recovering from surgery of a blood clot in his brain. The eight medical personnel are now being tried for medical malpractice.

Diego Maradona was a famous football player in Argentina, who was also suffering an addiction to cocaine, with this affecting a part of his game play. He was also still suffering from the effects from his recent brain surgery, leading to his decision to rest for a while in his home from this. A month later, Maradona died of a heart attack, while still at the ripe old age of 60.

The group of 20 experts appointed to examine his death say that he would have had a much higher rate of survival if he had been given adequate health care. All of those medical professionals deny that they had any hand in the death of Maradona, with Dr. Luque, Maradona’s private doctor and supposed friend, cried, and said that he did all that he could to help his friend live a peaceful life and leave one as well.

Many people mourned for the famous football player, with thousands of Argentinians queuing for hours on end to see his body in the presidential palace, with the whole country in mourning about his death. Even after the three days of national mourning, fans still were still overwhelmed with grief, thousands walking beside his flag draped coffin with tears in their eyes and sobs in their throat. And while Maradona had done things to his body that had brought his career to a decline, many fans still feel that this was much too early of an end for “El Pibe de Oro ”

Footnotes: The Golden Boy, nickname for Maradona Diego

Bibliography: Maradona: Medical staff to be tried for football legend’s death

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