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Do You Accidentally Swallow Bugs? Well, Taylor Swift Does Too.

By: Ellen Wang

You might think of idols as ‘beyond this world’ or, simply, as a god or goddesses. However, in pop deity Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Chicago, something completely human happened. During the concert, Swift was seen visibly hacking on air, until she said this: "I swallowed a bug. I'm so sorry...oh, delicious! Is there any chance none of you saw that? It’s fine... I swallowed it.

It’s hard to imagine somebody so unreal- so different, could have something in common with us ordinary people. Although this is an ordinary occurrence for us, it doesn’t make the news very often. Well, if you weren’t a world-famous pop idol, that is. Out of respect (or something else), a bar in Chicago, the Replay Lincoln Park bar to be exact, even designed a new cocktail inspired by the bug, and one of Swift’s albums: Bad Blood. As a combination of the two, the drink was promptly named Bad Bug.

Following this unexpected visitor, many who were lucky enough to capture the moment during the concert immediately posted it all over social media, and it instantly blew up, with Twitter users pointing out: “Oh, the humanity………” Despite all this, idols aren’t really ‘the same as us’. Well, not most of the time… but I guess there are exceptions.

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