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Djokovic cleared for Australian Open

By: Hanna Qian

Most people know Novak Djokovic even if they don’t play tennis. Djokovic is one of the top 3 players in the world, with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer close by his side. Djokovic has had some trouble getting into tournaments because he isn’t vaccinated. Since Djokovic didn’t get to go to the Australian Open last year, people have been questioning if he’ll be able to go in 2023.

Last year Djokovic received a three-year ban from entering the Australian Open, but this year he has been granted a visa so he can play in the Australian Open. In September Djokovic didn’t get to play in the U.S. Open because he wasn’t vaccinated. This has also happened to Djokovic in other tournaments too. In the text in paragraph 8 it states, “Djokovic was sensationally deported in January after the Federal Court upheld a decision to cancel his visa on “health and good order grounds” because his presence in Australia could stoke* anti-vaccine sentiment* and thereby undermine* the nation’s Covid-19 response.” Since the Australian federal government has scrapped the vaccination requirement, Djokovic will most likely be able to compete in as many tournaments he wants. Fans will be excited to hear that the fan favorite will be coming back to the Australian Open to win his 10th title at the Aussie Open. Therefore, Djokovic will be heading to the Australian Open only if the government does change the rules.

From all the tournaments Djokovic has missed it will now be time for him to make-up those and climb back up the ranking to number one.

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