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By: Teresa Gong

Rena’s father is the CEO of the company “he” created back in the day. The company had worshiped him, and his stocks grew like wildfire. Now it could be considered one of the top five gaming companies in Espirit, and dominates the top 3 mobile game companies in thousands of charts. It has hundreds of sub-labels, all of which have done relatively well or are top-tier.

Nobody knew the secret he was hiding, though. Nobody seemed to question his authenticity as the true CEO. They were seemingly put under a spell.

Nobody questioned his behavior as the CEO.

Nobody questioned his attitude as the CEO. Or the private life he was living after the curtains dropped and what happened behind the scenes.

Nobody questioned how he was defensive, way too defensive when a reporter jokingly asked about his authenticity as the CEO. Or how that reporter could not be found ever again. Or how the police seemed to be under his control. Nobody questioned him.

And most of those who knew his secret disappeared mysteriously, just as mysteriously as the reporter who made not even one remark about his position as CEO.

Those who remained swore to keep their mouths shut. They had no other choice. The press would shut their mouths. The police were under his control. Everybody seemed to be working for him. He seemed to be the new owner of Espirit.

Even those who knew didn’t know the full extent what he was capable of. They didn’t know that once, Rena’s father had been careless. Once, he had left one of his many burner phones out in the open. He certainly didn’t know Rena had read the messages on that phone.

She saw the people she hired to get rid of ones who knew too much. She saw how many people died because of him. She saw the horrifying, disgusting businesses he was involved in on the dark web. Did everyone know that 80 percent of his profit was made through illegal means? Maybe not. But one day, that would change. One day, she would stop the tyranny her father had built. And for now? If her father found out how much she knew, she would reach the same end as that reporter.

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