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Disney’s Biggest Movie This Year Has a Controversial Scene

By: Eric Zeng

Disney’s animated movie “Lightyear”, which came out June 17th this year, was highly anticipated by Disney and the rest of the world, garnering an estimated gross of over $100 million in the first weekend. Unfortunately, the $200 million films never received the attention predicted. The film didn’t do as well as expected in the U.S, but additionally, was banned in 14 countries. As a result, the film might be a major box office dud, but why would 14 countries choose to ban a seemingly harmless Disney animated film?

Well, to countries with a Muslim majority, it isn’t harmless at all. In many Muslim countries, there are laws forbidding homosexuality, and a scene of two female characters kissing is considered crossing the line. As a result, many prominent countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have chosen to ban the film’s showing.

Along with being a major box office setback, this decision has also caused much frustration for many of the film’s voice actors. Chris Evans, the voice actor for Buzz Lightyear, says that these countries have not caught up to the social acceptance of other countries. “The goal is that we can get to a point where it is the norm,” he says. Disney has allowed parts of their films to be cut or censored for global distribution, but this time, many countries chose not to.

So, did Disney make the right decision? Although they may have lost many viewers and a large portion of their revenue, they also have made a scene that advocates for the expansion of social acceptance. It is unclear whether this ban may be lifted in the future, but Disney has brought many people’s attention to the international issue of LGBTQ rights.

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