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Disney film banned in multiple countries due to a lesbian kissing scene

By: Darren Xie

Just after the release of Disney’s new film, Lightyear, 13 countries banned the movie from theaters due to the incorporation of a lesbian couple kissing.

Though you might think that something extremely serious must’ve happened for a movie to be banned in 13 countries, all that happened was a short kissing scene by two women.

According to Jon Gambrell from ABC News, “Lightyear” includes a female character voiced by actress Uzo Aduba briefly kissing her female partner in one scene during the $200 million film. That proved too much for censors in many Muslim-majority nations, where laws often criminalize same-sex relationships.

According to actor Chris Evans,” …it’s frustrating, it feels good to be a part of something that is making social progress, but it’s with this ribbon of bittersweet frustration that at the same time, there are still places that have not caught up.”

Many Muslims consider gay and lesbian acts sinful and downright wrong. For example, in Muslim countries Gay and Lesbian people have been arrested and even killed.

Some of the nations involved in this include Egypt, Indonesia, Mayasia, and Jordan.

This could be damaging to Disney as this is one of their main projects this year.

Prior to this drama, Disney CEO Bob Chapek faced backlash for taking too long to speak out against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This bill banned the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity for young children in grades k-3.

The “Lightyear” scene also been previously cut due to Florida’s new law but was readded after protests by Disney workers.

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