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Disappearance of an Aston

By: Allen Huang

The year was 1995. A little boy named Josh Tango had stumbled into a diner with robots. The diner was called Jacob’s Friendly Diner. He walked around the diner, playing arcade games with the other kids. However, that day would be the last that Josh lived in his own body.

During the month before Josh went to the diner, a man named Ranthal Jones worked at Jacob’s. Josh’s fateful day was the day that Jones lost his son, when he was murdered in the alleyway of the diner. Jones lost his sanity and went on a rampage of murders in different locations, one of which was Jacob’s Friendly Diner. That was the first place that Jones killed children. Jones wore the mask and costume of one of the robots.

Josh was a very gullible child, and listened to any lie that sounded legitimate. He and five other kids entered the safe room with Jones.

“Where are the dogs?” Josh asked, not knowing he had been lied to. Suddenly, he realized they all had been trapped by the man. It didn’t take long until Jones had killed him with his knife. Satisfied, Jones put the bodies into the robot suits that were being fixed.

15 years after the death of Josh Tango, Josh’s body was essentially the robot he was stuffed in. The suit belonged to the Jacob robot, which was one of the most cursed animatronics, according to the maintenance team. Josh suddenly woke up, feeling tired and pressed against cold metal.

“Where am I?” Josh lifted his head a little bit and saw five other suits that were withered away, with dried blood coming from the joints. Josh stood up. The suit creaked, as it was rusty and nature had taken over some parts of the body. He was not going to let the man, the rat-costumed life thief, get away.

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