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Dinosaurs Are Cool; The Ice Age is Bad

By: Alan Chen

Dinosaurs are cool. The Ice age is bad. We all live with these two simple facts. But you may be wondering, why are dinosaurs cool? In these short paragraphs, I will explain why dinosaurs are cool, and why the ice age is bad.

First, dinosaurs are separated into two groups: herbivores and carnivores. This distinction allowed them to create a stable food chain, with carnivores eating herbivores and bigger carnivores eating smaller carnivores. Simple! Next, if dinosaurs were still alive, then we would all be dead. I don’t mean it like the dinosaurs ate us! No, no! The fall of the dinosaurs allowed an ecosystem where a new species could take over. It marked the rise of humans. Then, dinosaurs were weird, in a good way. Some had giant spikes growing on their back. Others had heads that were pretty big. Then there’s my favorite…the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s tiny arms were incapable of doing anything but stand there and grope around the air, and maybe catch an insect if they’re lucky. Finally, the one thing I love about dinosaurs is that they lived in basically any ecosystem except the tundra. The forest? They had dinosaurs. Plains? They had dinosaurs. Grassland? They had dinosaurs. I think I’ve proven my point so let’s move on.

So, I think the Ice Age is bad. Why? Because a smilodon, a big happy tiger thing, will eat us all! Also, it would be difficult to invent things, make things, and do things when it was snowing all year long. Imagine living in Antarctica, except that there are giant wooly elephants that could trample you, smiling tigers that would want to eat you, and giant sloths moving 0.1 miles per hour. Terrifying. Then there are the giant glaciers taking a walk on the earth. Yes, there were big glaciers traveling the earth. And I’m not talking about something ice cube size. I’m talking about something that’s bigger than small islands. So, if your home was about to be frozen solid by a glacier, it would be hard to just walk out the door and take everything you own. Now imagine living in this type of place. Would you really want to? If you do, maybe you're crazy, or maybe there are some benefits that I don’t know about. But, I think you probably wouldn’t want to live here.

So that’s why I think dinosaurs are cool and the ice age is bad. If you don’t agree with me, you probably have your own reasons. I don’t know, maybe a dinosaur ate your pets. But, anyway, that is why I think dinosaurs are cool, and the ice age is bad.

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