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Different Teams, Different Me

By: Amy Jin

I am a double agent for basketball, so I play on two different teams. Each team is different from the others. One is probably in the Top 30 best teams in the Bay Area, and the other is just a recreational team that I enjoy with my friends.

Let's talk about both teams, starting with the first one.

I am the youngest player on a mostly sixteen-year-old team, and it may seem surprising, but I am only twelve years old. I go to practice with my teammates, who are 3 to 4 years older than me. When we play games, I feel that this team is the best, but when my team goes to hang out, all my worries and woes come to life.

A four-year age gap may not seem like a lot, but people can change personalities in that short amount of time. While I am stuck in the 12-year-old crowd, my teammates are moving forward to becoming 16 and 17-year-olds . They change their looks and interests, while I am still stuck with my own passions that differ from theirs. Communication is the main problem since I can’t convey my ideas to my teammates. I feel terrible just trying to fit in with them.

Negative features always come with positive ones, though.

Since this team was trained to be a Division 1 team (the highest division in basketball), they win almost all the games they play. I can get medals and other awards playing with these older kids (even though I might not play during a game for a long amount of time) so that all of us can feel great about our progress.

Overall, this team comes with benefits as well as drawbacks. My teammates are strong and supportive, even though I may not fit in with them in certain ways.

Now for my second team…

This team is my favorite. I never have to worry about fitting in or feeling like my team is my family. Whether we win or lose, I feel at home with this team since it has players who are my age. This team is one of the most important to me.

This 12U (12-year-old) team I play on is a tournament team, which means that the team only plays games together. All my teammates are either the best out of the 12 year olds or are good players at younger ages, but since this team doesn’t have as many practices and as much experience, our team cooperation level is not the highest. Still, everything works out, and we can have fun together.

Here, in this team, I can be a leader for my teammates. I cheer the team on, and I can bring the momentum up. This way, everyone can feel great about playing with each other. Our coach is friendly, and he never gets upset at us, which is quite extraordinary compared to most coaching styles (ones that involve shouting and rage).

My overall summary of this team is that it is 100% positive for me.

For these two teams, I have different perspectives on each one, but my decision is that I enjoy both teams in different ways.

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