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Did you know there were cities made from mud?

By: Yilin Zhao

Did you know there was cities made from mud? Well, a city called Sana was built entirely out of mud! They had to piece the mud together slowly, but after years of building, they finally finished it. Mud buildings are very cool and loved by people during the summer, the cool mud acts like a natural air conditioner and keeps people cool.

Scientists discovered that building concrete houses emits 38 percent of the present-day global carbon dioxide emissions, which is a lot of pollution. Now people are trying to keep the global temperature below 1.5C while building buildings.

Now people who live in these concrete houses are thinking about swapping the concrete for less polluting materials to help the environment. And to many people’s surprises, mud was the best fit for the material. If used correctly, mud can be strong as concrete, and there is a lot of mud too. Master builders are now using mud to build new homes for people with less Co2 emissions.

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