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Did You Know That Recently the Titanic Has Gotten Its First 3D Model

By: Jason Shen

The Titanic has been lurking at the button of the Pacific Ocean for more than a 100 years. Despite this there is barely any information about it. Experts don't even know if the ship collided with the iceberg on the starboard side. It could have even grounded on top of the iceberg.

The Titanic is a ship that sailed from Southampton's White Star Dock on Wednesday, April 10th, 1912. The ship’s journey was supposed to have three stops starting from Southampton, England to Cherbourg, France to Queenstown, Ireland and before finally arriving at New York, USA. Unfortunately, the Titanic sunk after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada

About a month ago, a company by the name of Magellan Ltd, has spent time and energy taking a total of 700 photos of every part of the Titanic to combine the photos for a 3D model. They will be using the scan to learn more about the Titanic’s sinking and the great ship in general.

The company that created the Titanic, White Star Line, has actually made two identical ships to the Titanic. These ships were all made around 1911. The Britanic was a ship that was supposed to be an Atlantic Airliner, just like the Titanic, but WWI struck and it was used for military service in the Mediterranean. There was also the Olympic, a British Luxury Liner which served from 1911 all the way to the beginning of the Second World War.

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