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Did The Barbie Movie Really Suffer a Shortage of Pink Paint?

By: Puter Kang

“The world ran out of pink,” Barbie movie production designer Sarah Greenwood said Recently, the Barbie Movie is about to come out and it cost every single drip of the shade of pink hues.

The company provided as much paint as the Barbies needed, but the shortage hit at the end of 2022. Barbie was dealing with several issues related to the delivery and supply of pink paint. The shortage happened mainly because of chain production and supply distribution starting during the pandemic.

Rosco, one of the major paint producers, tried their best and gave Barbie all the pink paint they had. Now we know where all that went....

This movie was indeed all about the color pink. Director Greta Gerwig expressed: "I wanted the pinks to be very bright, and everything to be almost too much," she said. Viewers will soon be able to see for themselves, when the movie — which is marketed to Barbie lovers and haters alike - arrives at theaters on July 21.

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