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Did the Barbie movie really cause a global run on pink paint

By: Yimo Liu

In the Barbie movie, everyone knows that everything is very pink. People wanted to know why the Barbie Company used too much pink and ran out of it. "The world ran out of pink,"production designer Sarah Greenwood told Architectural Digest early last week. It was because the new construction of Barbie Land ran out of pink in Rosco, their storage to buy pink paint.

Rosco is the entertainment industry’s traditional supplier of equipment related to color. It provided everything the Barbie Movie needed: pink paint, dolls etc. However, Rosco used too much pink paint, which has already been in short supply. The Rosco had used up the paint too quickly. Also, there was a crucial freeze from Texas that broke many materials that helped the run of pink paint, so the Barbie Company needed to replenish them. The freeze also caused many other stockpiles to get damaged. Despite the freeze, materials kept getting delivered to Rosco to prepare for Barbieland.

While the freeze was a big waste of materials, the Barbie Company still managed to successfully finish their project while they were low on pink paint. The company did cause a global run out of pink paint which is pretty cool while they are making something that needs a lot of pink.

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