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Devastating Train Accident’s Impact on Odisha, India

By: Boya Hu

On June 2nd, a devastating train accident happened. The devastating train accident had many impacts: one of which was the impact on a little Ontario kid and his home country.

According to New York Times, the crash happened at the Bahanaga Bazar station near Balasore, a city near the coast in the northeastern state of Odisha. The area is known for its ancient temples and history as a 17th-century British trading post.

There were three trains involved in the accident. Two were passenger trains and the other one was a freight train. The accident occurred because the passenger trains changed tracks when they were not supposed to change. It is not clear whether a human or a computer caused the crash. This crash has been the worst disaster in India in the last 20 years!

According to New York Times, the accident sometimes is also called the “three-way accident.”

There were a total of 2296 people on the passenger trains. The train crash killed 275 people! There were also 1200 people left injured. Days after this devastating train accident, families of passengers gathered at the hospital hoping to see their loved ones. Dozens of trains were canceled that day. People feared the fact that there could be another crash, so the trains were canceled. On the same day that the train crashed, more than 23 cars were derailed!

A Canadian kid with family ties to Odisha has been following the story. The little Ontario kid’s family was moved somewhere else because of the crash. He felt that other Canadian kids should also care about the accident, even if they are not directly involved. The little Ontario kid showed that he expressed care for the situation by reading the news, which he normally does not read. He went on his computer and tried to find out everything he could about the crash. His family was very lucky that they were not involved in the dangerous crash. The crash made him feel very sad for the people who did pass away and for the people who were injured. The little Ontario kid tries to get Canadian kids to learn about the accident and find ways to help. To support this claim, he says, “If that happened in Canada, they would care a lot.’’ He plans to raise money to help the victims of the crash. This crash was very important both to the kid and to the Indian community. He plans to raise money to help the victims of the crash.

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