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By: Bryan Zou

Life flows like a river,

It has many twists and turns,

Or estuaries and slivers,

But it always returns back to the sea.

Whether you are climbing a mountain,

Or drinking from a fountain,

It all ends at one point,

Just one and never more,

Life means to have purpose,

To go farther beyond,

To always move forward,

It’s a linear surface,

With an endless grid of bonds.

Without purpose or a goal,

Life is meaningless,

Like a river with no role,

Or a book that’s beginningless,

All means nothing,

Without something to do,

Something to motivate,

Determination is motivation,

A concentration of hope,

A rope of dedication,

Like going up a slope,

To the stars and beyond,

The journey may be hard and long,

Full of its hardships and preachings,

But with perseverance and strong will,

Any goal can be reached,

No matter the cost,

All that matters is to keep moving.

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