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Despite Being Waived Twice, Evina Westbrook Finds Another Opportunity with the Washington Mystics

By: Matt Zhang

After getting waived from the Minnesota Lynx, Evina Westbrook was waived for the second time from the WNBA. It was devastating and heartbreaking. She didn’t get much playing time on the Minnesota Lynx with only about 2.6 points and 12.4 minutes per game. Despite her misfortune, she was given another chance to find a permanent home.

“Twenty-four hours after I was waived from Minnesota, my agent got a call from [Mystics Coach Mike Thibault], saying they were interested in signing me to a seven-day [contract],” Westbrook said. “… Twenty-four hours after that, I flew out.”

She knew that there are only 144 slots for the WNBA and that getting one would be extremely difficult. So, she made the most out of her playtime in the Washington Mystics. In a span of 11-minutes, Westbrook was able to score three points, make three assists, and a steal but also committed three personal fouls and two turnovers. Despite her first shot being a miss, she made a three-pointer on the second.

“She’s great,” all-star guard Ariel Atkins said, later joking through laughter, “we have thrown a lot at her.”

Sadly, Westbrook is only allowed a maximum of three 7-day contracts before the Washington Mystics must decide to accept her as a permanent player or waive her. Luckily, Thibault does plan on giving Evina Westbrook multiple 7-day contracts. He is not sure whether to give her a permanent spot.

“There’s not an easy answer to your question, other than she’s got a chance to get paid as a pro player for a couple more weeks and try to make an impression,” he said.

Still, after being waived twice, Westbrook plans on improving and working hard to become a pro player and receive her permanent spot.


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