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Desmond Lewis Created Fireworks for a Small Community?

By: Reese Yan

On June 18, at Whittington Park in Greenwood, Desmond Lewis performed a firework show for an under-resourced community. At the time, at Whittington Park in Greenwood, people had never seen fireworks in their communities before, but Desmond Lewis made it possible. Lewis is an artist who uses steel and concrete. “America’s Forgotten'' is one of Desmond Lewis’ sculptures representing a shaft adorned by pieces that resemble a chain. Although Lewis makes his pieces with steel and concrete, he tried something different to show his art. Most of Lewis’s art represents Black people, and the fireworks he put on were for the community since they couldn’t afford a show of their own.

Unlike the American’s Forgotten sculpture, compared to the fireworks they are different types of art. For example, the “Americans Forgotten” represents chains made out of steel and concrete, but the fireworks were made out of explosives.

Both pieces were similar as well. For example, Desmond Lewis made both pieces. Also, they were both representing Black people. The last similarity is that they are both sculptures. The fireworks show how an explosion can be rendered sculpturally.

Desmond Lewis had created something amazing for a small community. Instead of showing his art to millions of people, Desmond Lewis created something that communities would love. Therefore, he proves that art can go beyond economic status and race.

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