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Designing my own invention

By: Louie Chiang

The cup stand I want to invent is a square device featuring a convenient timer on one side. Constructed with the customization capabilities of a 3D printer, I will design it with an attractive color scheme that combines dark blue and vibrant yellow.

An essential component of my innovative cup stand is a sensor located on the top. This sensor plays an important role in determining whether a drink has been placed on the stand. Once the sensor detects the drink's presence, the timer begins counting the time since I last lifted the cup as a gentle reminder to take a sip before a significant period elapses.

One outstanding feature of the design is its capacity to distinguish between purposeful pauses and periods of accidental neglect. If the quantity of liquid in the cup remains constant, indicating that I have not taken a drink, the timer will continue to run, underscoring the need to remain hydrated and sip my beverage as soon as possible.

While the cup stand is primarily designed for people who spend time gaming or on mobile devices, it is also useful in other situations. It can serve as a practical coffee warmer, keeping my favorite drink at an ideal temperature while I work or rest. It may also serve as a dependable tool, reminding me to drink water regularly throughout the day and boosting my general well-being.

As I work on the design of my cup stand, I must keep essential technical elements in mind, such as power supply options, user-friendly controls, and possible connectivity for additional features, such as wireless connectivity for smartphone integration and compatibility with smart home systems. The stability of the cup stand and the creation of spill-prevention mechanisms are essential safety factors to keep in mind.

My innovative cup stand idea addresses the universal problem of forgetting to drink during immersive activities and offers a practical solution that supports healthy hydration habits.

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