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Description of Virus

By: Stephen Chen

Hello everyone, I’m covid-19! Well, one of them. Nowadays, our family has been spread around the world. So I’ve become a little famous. Before I tell you about my life, I’d like to talk a little bit about my family history.

Some believe that we are from Wuhan, China, but I don’t think so. Maybe we are from a lab of US, or some other place. According to 27 scientists from 8 countries, our mother is an animal in the wild. We are named by the Greek alphabet like Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta… However, we wherever we were born, we sure are popular. So far, we’ve hung out with about 660M people in the world.

“Do you think you are dangerous for most people? They are suffering from you.” This gossip made me feel surprised and ashamed. Our behaviour, which hurts so many people, is the only thing we can do in our short life. I know that my brothers and sisters are naughty, which made a lot of people died, but they are still evolving. This will increase the rate of death and influence more and more people. I’m so sorry that I can’t stop this cruel behaviour. We have to do it to survive in this planet.

Recently, there have been so many more people who know the right ways to protect themselves. With the masks on their face, we can’t get into their body easily. We are going to be tired trying play with these guys. In my opinion, people are so tough now that we can’t always beat them. For instance, I was in a basketball player last year. But after 2 days, I ran away immediately because he was really strong.

I hope that we can get out of this planet quickly and go to a better place where we don’t need to fight.

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