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DeSantis Shows Off His Advantage: Age

By: Lexi Dai

Two of the biggest competitors for the 2024 U.S. presidential election are current president Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump.

However, age is a vital factor which clearly shows a difference between the other candidates. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is currently 44, while Biden and Trump are 80 and 77, respectively.

DeSantis is using his young age and young kids in his favor to cater to more voters. There is a clear contrast between DeSantis and his competitors. Those who with worries about the current president’s age may have a new target.

DeSantis uses his advantage of having a young family to its fullest extent. He constantly shows his young family in front of cameras. A Floridan voter said, “But I think he’s a good father and husband” (New York Times, 2023) This can build trust among the voters and politicians.

“No presidential family has raised children as young as the DeSantis brood since the Kennedys, prompting hopes among supporters of a conservative Camelot at the White House.” (New York Times, 2023) There is some speculation that the DeSantis family is trying to relate to the Kennedys in the 1960s. This can bring nostalgia from older voters and maybe rack in some more votes.

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