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Demon Attack

By: Jessie Sha

Hi, I’m Aither, a teleporter. I live with other elemental people, and kind of float above them? I don't know how to explain it, but maybe that’s why some people dislike teleporters. Anyway, I was descending from my house on a cloud, Zeru, so I could do some errands given to me, (if you're wondering how it feels to live on a cloud house, it’s like standing on cotton candy. It also smells like cotton candy too, but you can’t eat it.) As I stepped down, I heard someone yell,


“Ugh, why are Teleporters so stuck up, like seriously! Wow, you can do air tricks and teleport people!” You may be wondering who I am. Well, I’m Serafina, a fire master, who is trying to do fire training, but can’t because everyone is in my way. I walked into Keahi, my house, and sat down. Everything in the house was fireproof, because too many accidents have happened, from people burning everything, to literally setting themselves on fire. My house smelled of burnt old wood, but I didn’t mind. I locked the door and just as I did, people started screaming,

“Demon, demon, demon! Evacuate now!” I sighed, every time there’s a tiny demon this happens. I looked out the window and saw the biggest demon ever. I walked out and looked the demon in its eye. It looked sweet and didn’t' have flames in its eyes like normal demons, but since everyone was attacking it, it was attacking too. It was surprisingly furry, and cute to be a demon. I walked over to the site, I couldn't stand them hurting it anymore,

“STOPPPPPPPPPP!” Then I blacked out.

“Aither, stay there, we need to go check something.” I stood there, using all my strength to levitate this massive demon. Sweat beaded down my neck, as the green grass under me gave way. My silver hair was flowing around, and into my eyes. I squinted hard just to see the demon. I wondered, why had that fire girl said stop? It was a demon, so why? “Maybe she wants to kill all of you.” Wait, what? That wasn’t my voice, it was too deep. Then I heard a high-pitched voice in my head. “Help me!” I stopped levitating them, my knees buckling.

“Serafina, Serafina, Serafina!” Someone said, shaking me up.

“What, what?!”

“Good, you're awake.” Daria said, checking me to make sure I was ok.

“What happened?”

“You blacked out.”

“No, I meant what happened with the demon.”

“Oh, the demon is still attacking, so we are trying to tame it.” I got up quickly and ran to the sight. I looked at the demon again and it said in my head, “Help me! I’m stuck in the demon’s body! Get them to stop and pull me out the demon with go back down to the land of death if I’m not in his body.” She started to leave,

“Wait, how do I pull you-” Before I could finish, we lost connection and she let out a scream. My red hair flowed behind me as I ran in front of her. I surrounded us with a wall of fire, and it grew bigger until everyone stopped attacking. We need to get the most powerful people and pull the spirit out. Daria, Terran and I circled it and used a pulling motion with our abilities. Aither opened a portal to a circus, and everybody rushed in. Aither joined out motion too, but after a while, it didn’t work. Terran trapped it in a cage, and Aither started to attack it.

“Stop, stop! She told me herself that you can’t attack her. We need to pull her out!” I yelled.

“Well, clearly it’s not working!” Aither shouted. Ugh, teleporters are the worst. I put up a fire wall and part of the demon started glowing. Daria saw and did the same with her water, but it evaporated too quickly next to my fire. Aither offered to switch spots and she agreed. Now the demon was standing up tall and was still only partially glowing. Terran put up an earth wall, and Aither reluctantly put up a strong gust of air in place. The demon started glowing, until it was too bright to look at anymore. Once I opened my eyes, I saw that we were laying on the soft grass with a cute puppy with wings sitting in the middle.

“You made it out!” I said, smiling.

“Yes, yes I did.” She squeaked, smiling.

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