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Deliverance’s Plot was Unforgettable Yet Controversial

By: Catherine Wang

The movie “Deliverance” was based on one of James Dickey’s best-selling novels of all time called “Deliverance”, written in 1972. This movie was one of director Sir John Boorman’s most famous films ever. With its interesting plot and its terrifying twist, this movie was certainly a hit.

The film focuses on the 4 boys who wanted to go on an outdoor adventure to the fictional Cahulawassee River. Lewis (Burt Reynolds) wanted to take his friends out on a different path from their usual golf course to face nature's many challenges itself. Naturally, all the boys agreed because Lewis is sort of like the group's leader. Ed (Jon Voight) was excited and so impressed with Lewis’ idea, while the other 2 boys Bob (Ned Beatty) and Drew (Ronny Cox) were simply just following along with Lewis’ shenanigans to see what would happen.

Although the boys were highly aware that the river they would be travelling to was about to be flooded for a dam, they went anyways. However, they were unaware that there were also 7 locals who wanted nothing to do with them.

Despite its stellar plot, the film was very controversial due to its content. For example, there is one scene where Bobby is sexually assaulted and forced to “squeal like a pig”. 50 years later, Boorman said in an interview with BBC Culture that Warner Bros Studios wanted him to lower the budget and cut out a few scenes. He added that they especially wanted him to take out the rape scenes because they got “cold feet” from just watching it.

Overall, the movie was truly one of Boorman’s many cinematic masterpieces. However, it does cover some controversial topics and really makes them graphic. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want to give the movie a go, then I say go for it.

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