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By: Cathy Cai

You are fighting for your team on a battle mission when boom! A nuclear bomb explodes. You have seen what a regular boom looks like and know that this is no ordinary bomb. You are affected by the bomb and feel a tingling feeling in your bod.... Achoo. Bless you. As you feel this one of your teammates have been injured and you want revenge. As anger boils up in you, BOOM! You grow muscles and become stronger. As you see the other people around you, you notice the are also transforming and having some so-called magic powers. You are fascinated by this and think it is a miracle. You plan to use it when fighting but will you win or be taken captured?

2 Weeks Later



I’m Wander and this is what happened. After we got magical powers, we got taken captured. Everyone already got tested and sunken up but me. I managed to escape but I need to find a hiding place. I was lucky and got many powers. I wanted to teleport somewhere, a place they could never get to me. I am now on this planet that is NOT Earth. I hope to be safe here.

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