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By: Bryan Zou

The thrill, climax, ending.

Everything was leading to this moment.

Victory was guaranteed.

Nothing could go wrong

But as quickly as the victory came close,

It left just as soon

The sky darkened.

And the golden wings of victory skipped away.

The once bright and joyous mindset.

Grew dark and distasteful.

The victory was one step away,

And the whole journey felt so wasteful.

All the time and resources spent.

Just to miss it by an inch.

A feeling of dread rushes over,

While lamenting over your failure.

It felt like the smallest thing went wrong.

If only you didn’t make that one mistake.

Or waste time on that random thing.

You would’ve gotten what was forsaken.

The feeling of disappointment.

The feeling of regret.

The feeling of sadness.

It felt like a sorrowful duet.

Returning home bitter.

You wished that you could redo it.

You wish that you could do it over and over again.

But then it wouldn’t be satisfying

As you sit in gloom and sadness,

You had a sudden realization.

That it didn’t matter how you lost,

It was fine that you failed brazenly.

It just mattered that you got back up.

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