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Death of Maradona: Is Medical Staff Responsible?

By: Jason Youssef

Argentina, 6/22/22: a judge has decided that eight medical staff are responsible for the homicide of Diego Maradona, arguably one of the greatest football (soccer) players of all time.

The eight staff members were charged with culpable homicide as the panel that led the investigation found that Maradona’s treatment after recovering from a brain clot surgery had been filled with “deficiencies and irregularities.” The court also found that, with proper treatment in a hospital, he “would have [had] a better chance of survival.”

The eight medical staff in question are Maradona’s neurosurgeon, personal doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, two additional doctors, two nurses, and their boss. All are pleading innocent. The prosecution claims that the medical professionals treated Maradona with negligence and knew that their faulty treatment might have led to his death.

The case itself was started by two of Maradona’s daughters, who noticed their father suffering after his brain surgery. Dr. Luque, Maradona’s personal doctor, claimed he had been doing “everything he could, up to the impossible,” in an interview in 2020, as he wept.

Diego Maradona is considered one of the greatest football players of all time. He was the captain of the Argentinian team when they won the 1986 World Cup and scored one of the most famous goals in football, the “‘Hand of God’ goal.” However, neither his career nor his personal life was perfect.

Near the end of his career, Maradona became addicted to cocaine and was even banned from the game for 15 months after failing a drug test in 1991. No one could deny that Maradona wasn’t very healthy by the time he ended his career, dealing with years of damage from addiction, weight gain, and the side effects of his brain surgery.

Despite all of this, many believe that he still should be alive. Because of this, the charges against his medical caregivers are claimed to be necessary, to expose the truth about the downfall of a legend.

Credits: BBC News, CNN News

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