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Dear Future Me,

By: Alvin Fang

Hey, what's up? I know your life has been crazy, weird, and fun (has it been?). No matter what you're thinking about, stop. Think of something fun. Think of how you're going to treat your kids and think about what you're going to make for dinner.

You have the best 2 children, a dog, 5 fish, and a wife. Your parents are still alive and you're having a great time.

The older you get, the more awesome you’ll be. So go on vacations, out to dinners, and more. remember: your goal is to peak at about 80-90 so don’t worry, you’ve got time.

Everything you have done has let up to this moment so don’t stress.

You are a leader on the basketball team that you are on, so don’t stress; lead your team and yourself.

There is so much to explore, and you are in the best condition right now so don’t miss the opportunity.

Go do what you have to do and don’t worry about your job or game or whatever. Take a nature walk outside because you’ve lived in an apartment for almost 5 years and a modern house for the rest. Unwind and take a break.

Tell your kids stories about Big Foot or whatever you want and let them eat a cookie or cake or chew gum for ONCE and not force them to eat celery or broccoli because when you were young; you HATED it and you still do.

Don’t be terrified of Evil white slimes, or A.I. bots taking over the world, just think of something else and you will be fine.

The last thing is that it is VERY VERY VERY important that you NEVER forget this: whenever you feel down or someone or something discourages you, believe in yourself and you can do it.

Good Luck.

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