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Dear Ethan of the future,

By: Ethan & Connie Cao

Hi! This is 11- the year old Ethan. The pandemic and lockdowns have been disastrous, hopefully, things are on the bright side wherever you are. I hope you're having a wonderful time! Are you at Waterloo University? Smiling at your vast accomplishments? After many hard-working years as a child and all the challenging obstacles you faced, did all your dreams blossom? Were you able to be a model for the younger generations? A parent?

Where do you live? Do you still live near your dad and mom? Look back! Your 11- year old self promised you would always stay near your parents in an emergency. Have you become the person you always dreamed of being? Are you satisfied with what you were? I have plenty of questions for you because I always wondered what my future would look like. Technology, AI robots, highly advanced gadgets? Is your phone quite similar or not at all identical to the new updated Samsung Galaxies and iPhone pro? Loving it, not loving it? I can’t wait to see these unique creations!

Remember how Mama and Daddy were always there supporting you? Hockey games, birthday parties… They taught you; they cooked food for you; they respected you. Whether you are successful or not, you should note that you must continue working hard, and wherever it is terrible, there is good. There’s always family.

You loved to play hockey as a young kid. Dreaming high to OHL or even NHL. At this time of the letter, I sometimes you might be unable to accomplish big things and be victorious but I know that you have strived and pushed through hurdles. You worked hard and had the time of your life with your teammates. Joyous memories will always lighten your mood, whether on rocky roads or easy paths.

You have worked hard, smiled, and cried, and now you should have some time off and enjoy the world you have entered. Love your life, and cherish the moments that are past and in the present. Have fun with your present life and let go of the past—live in the present. Live, laugh, and love.


Ethan in 2022, soon to be 2023

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