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By: Jonathan Xu

Ever since the homework was assigned

It’s ever present in my mind

No matter how much I want to forget it

The feeling will haunt me until I submit

There it is again,

Getting closer by the minute

But I don’t have the slightest idea

And I wish I had a panacea

To cure all my troubles

Maybe a man in the desert exploring?

Nah, that seems way too boring

Looking for treasure after washing ashore?

Nah, that has been done before

I think for hours and hours

But just cannot even begin to make out a single idea

I begin to wish I had superpowers

Which gives me enough ideas to fill up pangaea

Frustration begins to brew as the date nears

Yet I don’t have a single proposal

How long it takes, I don’t know, days, months, years?

Then I begin to think of putting the assignment in the disposal

A secret mission in North Korea?

Nope, my friend already has the exact same idea

A man in a stampede trying to avoid getting trampled?

No, that was the teacher’s example

So what shall I do, what shall I do

Then I have the moment I’ve been waiting for: a breakthrough

I pick up my pencil, and begin writing this exact piece

As I finish, I make a contented sigh, and I’m finally at peace

Until next time...

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