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Danish artist Thomas Dambo creates a global troll hunt for his 100th masterpiece

By: Ethan & Connie Cao

A worldwide treasure hunt has begun ranging many kilometers, from the United States to Russia to Denmark. Join the hunt! It is worth the time. Danish artist Thomas Dambo has created many trolls in the past, all of which are made of trash. Dambo’s works are made almost entirely of recycled materials. The face of Moon Mother (2023), for instance, is made from oak scraps from a Danish flooring company.

Dambo, the world’s leading recycling artist from Copenhagen, Denmark, has been helping giant trolls come to life around the world for over 10 years. He worked with a team of local volunteers as well as members of his artistic team to prepare for the trolls’ arrival at Fullwood, using locally sourced materials to create the sculptures.

He has created tons of trolls, 100 actually. The 100th one is a mother giving birth. The mother is looking for a safe and good hiding spot so that no one can find and harm her and her baby.

This story leads Dambo to start a treasure hunt for the mother. All of Dambo’s fans who are eager to find his latest troll spread the news. Dambo went to extreme lengths to keep the site a secret, not telling his own team the exact location until the final stages and using different paths every day so as not to leave tracks. The mother is built-in trash.

Some people believe that trash is really nasty and dirty, but Thomas sees trash differently. He sees it like treasure. The artist said he hoped his art “can be a part of the movement that shows people that trash is not disgusting, and it’s not worthless. “It’s something that has the value to bring thousands of people out to find it as a treasure.”

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